Abbots Bromley Best Kept Village

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Roll up your sleeves as we have our Best Kept Village titles to defend - East Staffordshire's Best Kept Village 2017 (large village category) and 2017 winner of the Community Council of Staffordshire's Trophy, which stands proudly on the village green.

Judging starts on 1st May and we need to have Abbots Bromley sparkling by throughout the summer!

Some Simple Ways To Help:

  • Display an A4 BKV poster – We get 5pts for awareness of the competition, so this is an easy way to help. We deliver them to everyone on the main roads through the village in April, but you can request one at
  • Don’t walk past litter – you may not have dropped it, but please pick up any litter you see and pop it in the nearest bin
  • No butts – most of our litter is cigarette butts. Please do not drop them on the floor put them in an ashtray. Empty your car butts into a bin and not the roadside.
  • Bag it – Most do, but if you are one of the inconsiderate few that do not pick up after your dog start to do it now. Your dog’s mess was one of the reasons we lost points last year
  • Your garden, step and kerbside – look after your little bit of Abbots Bromley, put out a tub or hang a basket of flowers; weed and mow your garden, sweep the pavement and kerb at the front of your house.

Join in

With other volunteers help with litter picking weed removal from kerbsides, sweeping up of leaf litter and debris, removal of branches from paths and grassy areas. Bring brushes, trowels, cloths and bucket, shears etc. and wear gloves.

  • Annual Spring Clean - Sunday 22nd April 10.30am – 12 noon. Meet at the Buttercross. It’s later this year so more people can get involved!
  • Wednesday Evening Tidy Ups – Starting Wed 2nd May. Meet at 7pm at the Buttercross and spend an hour tidying an area of the village. We may do one or two in April if any one volunteers! Details posted on or email

If you can’t make these please get together as a family or with friends and do it on the best date and the best time for you.

Adopt an Area

Many thanks to the individuals, clubs and associations who are looking after their own part of Abbots Bromley, this summer:

  • Millennium Green Play Area - adopted by 1st Abbots Bromley Brownies
  • Nuttery Play Area - adopted by Denstone College
  • Schoolhouse Lane - adopted by Rainbows
  • Bus shelter - adopted by Jeff Bradbury and Mark Hurst Senior
  • Lichfield Road (New Sports Facility Field - Top Shop) - adopted by ABSA
  • Doctors Surgery - adopted by W.I.

We've a few areas left to look after, so please contact us if you can help:

  • Area around the Village Hall
  • Notice Boards
  • Churchyard


As you walk around Abbots Bromley, take a look at the children's entries to the poetry and prose and the poster competitions.

For more information about Best Kept Village 2018 competition please contact Cllr Adela Appleby by email at or visit the Abbots Bromley Best Kept Village Facebook page.

Best Kept Village is an opportunity to shout about what a wonderful place Abbots Bromley is. Everyone can make a difference so please help out!

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What is Best Kept Village?

The Best Kept Village (BKV) Competition is organised annually by the Community Council of Staffordshire. It aims to encourage community spirit throughout the year and to stimulate pride in villages. The competition is judged by independent volunteer judges who make unscheduled visits during the summer months and mark what they notice during these visits.


What is judged in Best Kept Village?

Judging normally takes place in the first week ofof May ,June and July.

The judges will develop an overall impression of the community spirit of the residents as they walk around the village, but mark on the following features: BKV Publicity and Awareness; Children’s Posters; Notice Boards; Local Information (including Recycling and Dog-fouling Awareness); Church/Chapel Surrounds; Communal Buildings; Public Houses; Bus Shelters, Seating Areas, Village Signs and Features; War Memorial; Large Public Open Spaces, Greens, Playing Fields, etc; Small Open Spaces; Private Gardens; Children’s Play Areas, Play Equipment and Safety Surfaces; Map; General Cleanliness and Community Effort (including Litter and Dog-fouling).

What is Abbots Bromley's record?

In 2017, we won the East Staffordshire's Best Kept Village 2017 (large village category) and 2017 winner of the Community Council of Staffordshire's Trophy. In 2016, we came second to Yoxall in the East Staffordshire District Large Village Category of the competition. In 2015 we came 2nd. In 2014 we came 1st.