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The Parish Council wishes to be accessible to all those who live in the parish of Abbots Bromley, and so provides a number of opportunities for members of the public to make contact. These are described on this page.

Making informal contact

Telephone numbers for the Clerk and Councillors are listed on these web pages and you can contact one of them if you have a concern or question that you would like to discuss. Please respect family life and avoid ringing at awkward times.

Since 2004, the Council has also organised Parish Council surgeries on Saturday mornings in Church House every other month. Taking place between 10-11 in Church House these offer an opportunity to discuss face-to-face with a Councillor in an informal setting.

You can also email the Parish Council with a question or request for information.

Making formal contact

If you would like a formal answer to a question, or wish to make a point to the whole Council, then writing a letter is probably the best solution. Your letter should be sent to:

Sarah Meads
Clerk to Abbots Bromley Parish Council
The Hayloft, Marsh Farm
Uttoxeter Road
Abbots Bromley
Staffordshire WS15 3EJ


In addition to the Bulletins and meeting minutes available on these web pages, our publication scheme lists the documents available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


Agendas for future meetings are posted under the Butter Cross one week before the meeting and on these web pages as a news item.