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AB Neighbourhood Development Plan Update – August 2019

Over recent weeks the NDPG have been productively collating the evidence and commentary gathered from the various recent Public Sessions (and from the 2016-2018 legacy data).

All information has been passed to Urban Vision (Consultants commissioned to produce the policies for the Abbots Bromley Parish NDP).

Following a productive NDPG led meeting at the Urban Vision office in Liverpool on Tuesday 13th August 2019, we wish to report that they are now undertaking to produce a ‘first outline’ of the Policies that will constitute the basis of the NDP.

In the coming weeks the NDPG will produce an information leaflet outlining all the Policy areas with a brief description of the aims of each policy. Recognising community opinion and the importance placed on heritage and conservation, the leaflet will also identify proposed Local Green Spaces to be incorporated into the NDP.

A ‘feedback’ sheet will accompany the leaflet enabling all residents to provide a general response/comment indicating support or otherwise in respect of the Policy headings, their aims and the proposed Local Green Spaces.

It is important that residents also provide brief detailed reasons for their response (whether for or against), as this information will be used by the Consultant to amend and finalise the Policies for initial presentation to the Parish Council and ESBC in September 2019.

The NDPG also intend to arrange at least one ‘drop in session’ to display the Policy headings, aims and proposed Local Green Spaces to enable residents to discuss the proposals and offer feedback. This session is likely to be held towards the end of August/early September. The date will be widely publicised.

The NDP is a parish-wide Community Plan produced by the Parish for the benefit of the Parish. Therefore, your continued input is essential.

In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact:
The Clerk to the Parish Council, The Hayloft, Marsh Farm, Abbots Bromley, WS15 3EJ
The NDPG Secretary, Callander House, Bagot Street, Abbots Bromley, WS15 3D

Road Closures - Sunday 1st and Monday 9th September 2019

East Staffordshire Borough Council have issued temporary road closure notices for the main street

These temporary road closures affect Bagot Street and High Street on the morning of Sunday 1st September (80th Anniversary Parade) and morning and afternoon of Monday 9th September (Horn Dance).

Details of timings and the sections of roads affected are in the formal notices:
- PDF icon Temporary Road Closure Notice - 01 September 2019 (101.3 Kb)
- PDF icon Temporary Road Closure Notice - 09 September 2019 (99.4 Kb)

Neighbourhood Plan Funding Success - June 2019

The NPDG are pleased to announce that the funding application submitted to ‘Locality’ has been successful

The application for a £9000 grant was submitted in May when the portal for applications in the current financial year opened. Confirmation that the application had been approved was received on 20th June. Additionally the group have successfully secured Technical Support from ‘Aecom’ to carry out a Housing Needs Assessment to supplement data gathered to date.

This is a major achievement. The grant will enable the Parish of Abbots Bromley, utilising vital independent professional support, to positively bring forward a Neighbourhood Plan which will meet the needs of the residents of the Parish.

A consultant is currently working on a first draft of the plan, bringing together all the evidence and commentary that has been supplied by residents to date. The NDPG will then arrange a workshop to allow residents an opportunity to consider the first draft before seeking to finalise the plan for formal consultation and ultimately submission to the PC and ESBC.

Plans and sections for HS2 Phase 2a

The plans and sections for HS2 Phase 2a as amended in Select Committee were published on 24 June 2019

The Plans and Sections volumes as amended in the House of Commons Select Committee incorporates the changes that have been made since the beginning of the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill being deposited to Parliament.

You can visit the government webpage that lists the revised HS2 documents

HS2 Parkgate and our villages - May 2019

This is a brief summary of the circumstances surrounding the plans by HS2 to build a new substation at Parkgate and the work of the combined parishes of Abbots Bromley, Hoar Cross and Newborough.

The aim from the start has been to understand the reasons why HS2 came to favour Parkgate as a power source, and preferably to move the infrastructure out of our area. Failing that, we felt that undergrounding the cables would have a less detrimental visual impact on the landscape in the long term.

Read the 7-page update: PDF icon HS2 Parkgate Update - May 2019 (187.0 Kb)

New documents relating to the AB Neighbourhood Plan

Two new documents have been added to the Neighbourhood Plan page which may be of interest to residents following the development of this important local resource

Under the "News" section a report has been added from an independent consultation that addresses the potential next steps in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan: PDF icon Review of next steps - May 2019 (124.7 Kb)

Under the "Document Library" section a new document has been added containing a glossary of planning terminology: PDF icon Glossary of Planning Terminology (May 2019) (60.1 Kb)