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HS2 Power Supply Proposals (February 2019)

HS2 are intending to build a large electricity substation just south of the B5234 Abbots Bromley Road at Parkgate (I mile west of Newborough)

To recap, HS2 are intending to build a large electricity substation just south of the B5234 Abbots Bromley Road at Parkgate (I mile west of Newborough) where there are existing high voltage overhead power cables. HS2 then intend to erect two parallel lines of pylons – 60 in total, between 28 and 39 metres tall.

Power will then be cabled from this new substation in a south westerly direction, through Bromley Hurst and across the Blithe Valley to Newlands Lane near Colton, where it will be used as the sole power source for phase 2a (Birmingham to Crewe) of HS2.

Following on from our report in November’s Bulletin a Steering Group has been formed with the Parish Councillors from Newborough, Hoar Cross, Abbots Bromley and several affected parishioners, to try and mitigate the effects of this.

The original proposal was for 2 power circuits to be installed from the Rugeley power station site. Now that a 3rd circuit is deemed to be necessary for security of supply, this site, according both HS2 and the National Grid, is apparently no longer suitable – hence Parkgate. Following a meeting with Michael Fabricant (who in turn has written to the Under Secretary of State responsible for HS2), we have been advised that reinstating Rugeley is not a viable option.

The one option we now have is to petition for the cabling to go underground. Because of the initial disruption of this to the various landowners, we have written to them requesting their support. If this is forthcoming we would intend to petition for this solution, by the imposed deadline of 15th March.

Regular updates will be provided at Parish Council meetings and detailed in the meeting minutes. To access the full proposals submitted by HS2 visit

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