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On this page you can download the forms and supporting documents you need to make a booking. Before submitting your booking you should have previously checked that the facilities you require are available at the relevant date and time. (See contact)

The following files are all available as Adobe Acrobat files that you can view or print;

  • Charges: The current hire charges for both occasional and regular users
  • Booking Form: The main form that you need to complete and sign to make your booking
  • Booking Form for regular users: The form for those who are regular users of the Village Hall and some instructions that go with it
  • Terms and Conditions: The terms on which you are agreeing to use the Village Hall - you will need to have read and understood this document before signing the booking form
  • Hall bar form: A supplementary form which you will need to complete if you wish the Village Hall to operate the bar at your event