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Millennium Hall (Click to enlarge)
Millennium Hall

Millennium Hall

The Millennium Hall is the largest space in the Village Hall and can accommodate up to 250 people for dancing, 180 seated, or 140 when seated at tables.

As can be seen from the accompanying picture, this hall is equally suitable for wedding receptions and similar celebrations as well as a variety of indoor sports, larger business meetings or public entertainment.

Marcia Rice Room (Click to enlarge)
Marcia Rice Room

Marcia Rice Room

This room situated on the First Floor, is eminently suitable for smaller meetings and also has facilities for making drinks. It can seat up to 25 at tables.

Memorial Room (Click to enlarge)
Memorial Room

Memorial Room

Also on the First Floor, this room is carpeted and more suitable for committee meetings having the capacity to seat up to 25 at tables. 

Smaller Rooms

Other smaller rooms are also available - ask for details if required.

Kitchen (Click to enlarge)


A well equipped kitchen is located on the Ground Floor.  An adjacent bar area with through hatch, allows safe serving.

Ground Floor Plan (Click to enlarge)
Ground Floor Plan

Ground floor

The Millennium Hall and kitchen are on the ground floor.

First Floor Plan (Click to enlarge)
First Floor Plan

First floor

The Marcia Rice and Memorial rooms are located on the first floor.