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Cartoon skull These pages containing information about the proposed wind farm have not been commissioned by, nor represent the views of, any government, commericial or campaigning organisation.

Airtricity have announced their intention to develop a wind farm on land at Bagot's Park near Abbots Bromley. These pages are an unofficial guide to the proposal, intended to help those seeking further information. They do not set out to present the case either for or against the proposal, but merely to assist anyone attempting to make up their own mind to access relevant data.

Outline of 2007/8 proposal

Airtricity (now SSE Renewables) outlined their proposal in a series of public exhibitions during September 2007. This was based on the installation of eight wind turbines on the Bagot's Park Estate. The wind farm would straddle the Staffordshire Way where it passes through Bagot's Park.

Cartoon wind turbine This new proposal is a successor to the previous plans submitted by AB Energy in January 2005 but subsequently withdrawn at the request of ESBC.

In addition to the wind turbines themselves, the project would also require a connection to the distribution network, improvements to the site entrance and tracks and construction of a control building. During the construction and commissioning phase, there would be an additional temporary works compound on site.

Status update 31MAR11

The Planning Committee of ESBC have turned down the application and SSE Renewables (formerly Airtricity) have been refused permission to proceed with the proposed wind farm. An appeal to the Secretary of State against the decision is still possible.

Status update 21JAN08

Airtricity have been given permission for the erection of a second temporary 70m anemometry tower, for up to three years, to gather additional data about wind speeds on the site of the proposed wind farm. An application for eight wind turbines has been registered with ESBC - reference PA/26905/010/AG.

Status update 01NOV07

Airtricity have been given permission for the erection of a temporary 70m anemometry tower, for up to three years, to gather data about wind speeds on the site of the proposed wind farm.

Status update 28APR05

At the request of ESBC, AB Energy have withdrawn their application pending the availability of additional information.

Status update 07MAR05

A planning application from AB Energy has been received and accepted by the local planning authority (East Staffordshire Borough Council). It was issued for consultation on 31 January 2005. Comments have been requested by 12th March 2005.

The planning application is accompanied by extensive documentation. (Copies of the documentation are available in Uttoxeter Library).

When Abbots Bromley Parish Council made their copy of the application available at for viewing by residents of Abbots Bromley at Church House on Saturday 19th February 2005, many local people took up the opportunity to come and see for themsleves what the application entailed.

East Staffordshire Borough Council held public meetings on 1st March when Council Officers attempted to answer any questions. An extraordinary meeting of Abbots Bromley Parish Council was held on Wednesday 2nd March when Councillors listened to the views of residents of the parish before discussing the application. They concluded that the proposed development was not appropriate for the site, and will be making their views known to the planning authority.

Further information

The following additional information has been brought together to aid those who wish to research wind farms in general in order to make up their own minds on the subject:

  • Comparison with Rugeley power station: A table drawing comparisons between the proposed wind farm and the nearest local power station
  • Links to other web sites: There is no shortage of additional information for and against wind farms available on the internet. Here you will find links to some of the better known examples and also some relevant government reference information
  • How you can get involved: If you have strong feelings for/against the proposed wind farm, this page suggests what you might do to influence the outcome

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