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Cartoon skull These pages containing information about the proposed wind farm have not been commissioned by, nor represent the views of, any government, commericial or campaigning organisation.

At the time of preparing this page, all links were verified as working. If you find that one is broken, please inform the webmaster. The purpose of this page is to provide a brief list of some useful sources of additional reading material on wind farms.

No attempt has been made to bias the information here either for or against wind farms but the aim has been to include some significant links representing a spectrum of views.

Government information

In reviewing these sources, you may wish to bear in mind the commitment made by the UK Government to reducing CO2 emissions as part of the Kyoto Protocol.

Wind farms in the media

Going to the web sites of the BBC, Telegraph, Times or Guardian and searching through articles and archives on "wind farms" reveals a rich vein of information. (The list of specific articles originally included here was increasingly out of date and has been removed.)

What others say about wind farms

It is hard to find anyone neutral on the subject of wind farms, but there are those - who through their work in specialist areas - have opinions you may want to investigate.

  • CAT: The Centre for Alternative Technolgy is a supporter of wind farms and their article Still tilting at windmills? offers some thoughts on some of the arguments raised against on-shore wind farms
  • CPRE: The Campaign to Protect Rural England web site has a number of relevant documents which you can find by entering "wind farms" to their site search facility.
  • OFCOM: OFCOM have a range of documents addressing the impact of wind farms on telecommunications. Use their site search facility with "wind farm" to locate relevant documents.
  • RSPB: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds does not condemn wind farms out of hand but selectively opposes those proposals which it believes will put birds at significant risk. Their pages have several helpful documents which can be located with their site search facility.
  • Wind Turbine Noise 2007 Conference Details of a September 2007 conference on wind turbine noise which contains links to papers and other information from the 2005 conference.

Those in favour

Apart from some of the orgnisations included above who support wind farms incidentally to their other activities, there are those who exist solely to promote wind farms and their details are included here.

  • RenewableUK: (formerly the British Wind Energy Association) represents those companies involved in the industry and not surprisingly actively promotes wind energy! This is where you find some contrary arguments to those advanced by the opponents of wind farms
  • Action for Renewables: While it is not clear who is funding this campaign, the links to/from the RenewableUK site may be a clue? The pages contain endorsements of wind power from celebrities and rebuttals of opponents claims
  • Yes2Wind: With far more information than Embrace Wind, this is another strongly "pro" site which is supported by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund. The site includes a good list of links - including to objectors sites

Those against

Apart from some of the orgnisations included above who oppose wind farms incidentally to their other activities, there are those who exist solely to argue against wind farms and their details are included here.

  • Country Guardians: This is the most prominent and outspoken group in opposition to on-shore wind farms and achieves a great deal of publicity from a relatively small group of objectors. This page contains fairly comprehensive coverage of the principal arguments against wind farms. The complete site provides a good resource for those wishing to oppose wind farm development
  • Renewable Engergy Foundation argues that the current passion for wind farm developments is neither green or sustainable

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