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Pictures of the Horn Dance

Processing round the village green with followers
(Ref: 2002-1327)
Not convenient for everybody - but the Horn Dancers were here long before buses were invented...
(Ref: 2002-1332)
Dancers in Goose Lane with an appreciative group of onlookers
(Ref: 2002-1338)
Dancers processing in Goose Lane past the end of Friary Avenue
(Ref: 2003-1620)
Last dance of the early session prior to the first break in Goose Lane
(Ref: 2002-1346)
Enjoying time to catch their breath and replenish
(Ref: 2003-1624)
Costume creche
(Ref: 2003-1627)
On the move again in Goose Lane
(Ref: 2002-1345)
Look! No Horn Dancers! Stallholders and visitors enjoy the relative calm of the village green during the middle of the day
(Ref: 2001-1072)
For even more calm, a visit to St Nicholas church to listen to readings, music and view the art exhibition
(Ref: 2001-1069)
The Mayor of Burton (Cllr Tom Dawn) meets Maid Marian
(Ref: 2003-1645)
Dancing in front of Church House late afternoon between visits to the Royal Oak and Goat's Head
(Ref: 2003-1646)