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The information about the Neighbourhood Plan on this page is divided into a number of sections for ease of reference. You can display the contents of any section by clicking on the relevant heading. Clicking the same heading a second time hides the section contents.


Neighbourhood Planning is a right for communities to shape their own areas. Introduced through the Localism Act 2011, Parishes like Abbots Bromley now have the ability to draw up their own planning policy document. This is unlike any planning document or village design statement that has gone before as once finalised a Neighbourhood Development Plan becomes part of the Local Plan and the policies contained within them are then used in the determination of planning applications. Once a plan is in place developers and decision makers will be legally bound to consider the policies within the plan.

You can find out more about the plan and about consultations and events etc within this section of the Abbots Bromley website. The section on “the Story so far” provides information as to how the Neighbourhood Plan working group was formed and work that has been carried out so far.

Ultimately the Neighbourhood Plan can only be drafted and be a success if we can engage and receive good support from across the Parish. Once the plan is at the final draft stage it will go through a formal referendum whereby all those of voting age will be able to have their say (eligibility criteria is the same as it is to vote in a local election).
Please therefore get involved, follow this website for updates and news on the Neighbourhood Plan progress.

This plan is a fabulous opportunity to shape our community for the future

The story so far....

Neighbourhood Planning diagram
In July 2015 the Parish Council decided to begin the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. This effectively began the process. The Parish Council formally wrote to East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) to request that the Parish become a Neighbourhood Plan Area. This was approved on the 8th October 2015 by ESBC following a statutory 4 week consultation. The agreed area that the plan is to cover is attached. Abbots Bromley Parish is now the 17th Parish within East Staffordshire to be designated as a Neighbourhood Planning Area. Further details regarding the designation can be found at the following link:

A Public meeting was held on the 18th November 2015 in the village hall when a planning officer came to talk to residents and answer questions about the Neighbourhood Plan process. The meeting was very well supported with over 40 people attending.

A number of people at the meeting expressed an interest in forming a Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group. In January 2016 the working group was agreed by the Parish Council and ratified through a Terms of Reference (ToR) document which can be found within the accessibility tab on this site.

The group has since met in January and February 2016. Early work has involved getting to grips with the Neighbourhood Development Plan process, agreeing a timetable for plan delivery and beginning the task of plan awareness raising and engagement. A first questionnaire has been sent out to all homes and businesses across the Parish, it is also available on this website and so please complete it by 31st March 2016 as this will help the group to shape the next steps in the process.
Discussion group

The proposed plan timetable (Revised September 2019)


Terms of reference
The key responsibility of the Abbots Bromley Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group will be to consult on and draft a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Abbots Bromley.
  • The group will be responsible for organising and overseeing all consultation events and other work associated with the Neighbourhood Plan
  • The group will be responsible for agreeing methods of consultation, social media and website use as deemed appropriate for maximum plan engagement across the Parish
  • The group will be responsible for agreeing and allocating resources required for the Neighbourhood Plan process, once agreement through the full Parish Council has been sought.
  • The Group will be expected to familiarise themselves as much as possible with the Planning process, in particular Neighbourhood Plan Policy Guidance which provides guidelines that must be followed and gives useful advice. The group chair can advise further on this if necessary.
  • The group will understand that the Plan is to be positively prepared. Any issues that may raise a conflict of interest with any group member must be notified to the group chair and will be fed back to the full Parish Council.

The full terms of reference are linked from the right hand side of this page.

Geographical scope
Click this link to see a map of PDF icon Abbots Bromley Parish (2.8 Mb).

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Neighbourhood Development Plan Group meeting (Public Session)

Taking place on 6th June 2019 at 7pm in Church House
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Neighbourhood Development Plan Group meeting (Public Session)

Taking place on 2nd May 2019 at 7pm in Church House
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Older News

May 2019
A second independent consultant has completed a review of the draft plan that was being produced in May 2018. The summary report outlines the ‘Next Steps’ required to bring forward a robust an effective plan. See report here: PDF icon Review of next steps - May 2019 (124.7 Kb)

April 2019
An update from the Neighbourhood Plan Group was included in the Annual Report to the Parish Assembly available on these web pages. There are also notes from a further verbal report delivered at the Assembly: PDF icon NP report to Parish Assembly 2019 (41.1 Kb).

September 2018
A report by an independent consultant on the Abbots Bromley Neighbourhood Development Plan reviewed the approach and progress up to May 2018: PDF icon Report on Neighbourhood Planning process (Sep '18) (237.0 Kb).

July 2018
The Parish Assembly on the 23rd May brought about significant changes with regard to the Abbots Bromley Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). See this update for details: PDF icon July 2018 Update on Neighbourhood Develoment Plan (46.9 Kb).

January 2018
The Neighbourhood Plan Group has been working hard to fill the vacancies in the team following the decision taken by Tom Wheeldon and Neal Haywood in late 2017 to step down. It is vital that we can operate with the full group quota set by the Parish Council of ten members in order that we can spread the work load and time commitment.

We are delighted to confirm that local residents Keith Baker and Rob Humphries have agreed to join the group. We are sure they will bring key skills and local knowledge to the team.

January 2017
A newsletter from ESBC provides a great overview of the progress being made in the different parishes across our area:
PDF icon ESBC Neighbourhood Plan Newsletter - January 2017 (344.5 Kb)

August 2016
A newsletter is available with all the important updates: PDF icon ABPNDP Newsletter - August 2016 (1.3 Mb).

June 2016
Well, it’s been a busy time! The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group worked hard during April and May to pull the results of the consultation together and get the displays etc ready in time for the Parish Assembly on 18th May. We are lucky to have such an engaged and dedicated team, willing to give their time up to help progress the plan.

The response we had back to the consultation was nothing short of incredible! So many people took the time to respond to the questionnaire as well as take time out to come and view the displays at the Assembly.

So what happens next? Well the Working Group are in the process of responding directly to the two key issues you identified in the consultation, local housing need and traffic/parking. Overwhelmingly these were the main issues of concern or interest to people right across the Parish. We will be commissioning research into these issues in the coming months before we consult further later in the summer. The next edition of the Bromley Bulletin will be landing on doormats before long and we will provide an update on progress.

We also have meetings with a range of village organisations in the pipeline including Abbots Bromley School in a bid to get as many people involved as possible in having their say in the direction of the plan.

As well as this we will be drafting some new displays to put up on the Green by the Buttercross as well as hopefully in the Village Hall and Church House so keep an eye out for these.
We’ve now had almost 90 “likes” on the NDP Facebook Page which is fantastic, we are doing our best to be “visible” by using as many means as we can to communicate with you so please keep spreading the word and keep checking for updates.

Thank you

Bryn Walters
Abbots Bromley Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Chair

How to shape where you live
There is a 64-page booklet about Neighbourhood Planning that provides helpful background information. You can download or view How to shape where you live

Archived Documents

Consultation Results (January to March 2016)

Local Housing Needs Assessment (Autumn 2016)
On Thursday 1st December 2016, the Neighbourhood Plan group presented the results of the local Housing Needs Assessment carried out during the Autumn of 2016.
You can see displays of the key statistics and an update on the work in this presentation.

Housing sites feedback & traffic/parking cons. (Spring 2017)

Vision and Objectives Consultation (May 2017)

Previous Plan Timetables

Contact details

The Working Group was originally established in November 2015. Following the addition of new members in 2018 it now comprises:

  • Keith Baker
  • Cllr Paul Freeman
  • Rob Humphries
  • Georgina Kelly
  • Cllr M Lockey
  • Cllr Richard Love
  • Peter Male
  • Julie Wheeldon

Volunteer Secretary – Tom Wheeldon

(See PDF icon Terms of Reference)

To make contact with the Neighbourhood Planning Group please call the Parish Clerk, Sarah Meads on 01283 840891. Please note that the Clerk only works part-time hours so please call during office hours 9-5.30pm and leave a message if not available. Every effort will be made to return calls within 24 hrs.


2018 meetings

2017 meetings

2016 meetings